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CLG385BIII Skid Steel Loader


Operator Comfort and Safety
Optional cooling and heating.
Standard adjustable seat, with optional world class KAB seat.
Cigarette lighter acts as an electrical outlet.
2 rearview mirrors on boom makes helps visibility and improves safety.
Controls and seat designed with ergonomics in mind.
Foot and hand accelerator available improving comfort and enabling safer operation.
Simple dual hand control system with auxiliary foot pedal control.
Always Reliable
Double sealed 0-rings for extra reliability. Simple and reliable pin brakes. Parts, service and attachments you can count on. World class components used for key systems.Mono-block frame and boom have  good stability and high strength
Built for Efficiency
Turbo air filter removes over 90% of dust and impurities, reducing engine
wear, lowering fuel consumption, extending engine service life and improving engine efficiency.
Standard Back-up alarm, Beacon optional.
Standard quick coupler matches with Bobcat, Case  and John Deere, etc. 
High stability and heavy tipping load.
Self leveling valve prevents losing loads.
Heavy duty adjustable drive chain.
Powerful radiator provides good cooling.
Meets EU stage IIIA/EPA tier 3 emission standards.
Easy to Maintain
Easy engine access with good maintenance space. Convenient placement of key maintenance points. The radiator can be rotated for easier cleaning, and easing many repairs. The cab can be easily tilted backwards making it  convenient to maintaint  hydraulic components.

Technical Parameters



Gross Power

61.6 kW (82.6 hp) @ 2,400 rpm

Net Power

57.3 kW (76.8 hp) @ 2,400 rpm

Breakout Force

25 kN

Rate Load

1,045 kg

Bucket Capacity

0.6 m3

Operating Weight

3,550 kg