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724M Motor Grader

Configuration of Motor Grader 724M
1. Engine
Type: water-cooled, four-stroke, turbocharged engine
Model: Caterpillar SC11CB from Shanghai Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. (with Caterpillar license 3306B)
Rated power: 175kW/240ps
Rated speed: 2600rpm/2300rpm
Max. torque: 750Nm at 1500-1700rpm, 843Nm at 1400rpm
2. Gearbox of Motor Grader
Model: ZF from Liuzhou
Type: power shift, electric hydraulic control, with torque converter
Gear shift position: 6 forward and 3 reverse gears

3. Axle of Motor Grader
3.1 Rear axle: 3-stage drive axle with NO-SPIN differential mechanism
3.2 Front axle: oscillating driven axle, with the oscillating angle of 15° (left and right), 17° tilting angle of front wheel (left and right), and 45° steering angle
4. Tandem Box
Type: oscillating type
Oscillating angle: 15°
Drive: heavy-duty roller chain
5. Braking System
5.1 Service brake: fully hydraulic driven, the caliper disc brakes for the road grader are located beside the two middle wheels and the two rear wheels.
5.2 Stopping brake: the hub brake is installed on the shaft end of the gearbox.
5.3 Continuous braking: the torque converter supports continuous braking.
6. Hydraulic System of Motor Grader
Installed with independent double pump double-circuit system, the hydraulic system for the construction machinery provides the system pressure of 16MPa.
7. Frame
Articulated frame
8. Blade of Motor Grader
Size: 4422×688 (length×chord height)
Rollback angle: 360°
Max. slant angle (L/R): 90°
Max. grading depth: 500mm
9. Tire
Type: standard tire installed on the road construction machinery
Quantity: 6
Size: 20.5-25, 16PR
10. Electrical System and Instrument
Working voltage: 24V
Instrument: various work lights and instruments engineered for the land leveller
11. Main Technical Specifications
11.1 Operating weight: 19000kg (standard)/20000kg (with front dozer and rear ripper)
11.2 Overall dimensions: 9300×2800×3800 (standard), 10910×2890×3630 (with front dozer and rear ripper)
12. Optional Parts of Motor Grader
12.1 Front dozer for the land grading machine
12.1.1 Size: 2890×1020 (W×H)
12.1.2 Distance to front axle: 1600mm
12.1.3 Max. grading depth: 205mm
12.2 Rear ripper
12.2.1 Width: 2087mm
12.2.2 Number of tooth: 5
12.2.3 Max. grading depth: 315mm